Troubleshooting performance issues

Performance issues in IBM Control Center (ICC) manifest themselves in multiple ways including:
  • Slow web console performance
  • SLCs causing false alerts
  • Rules that send e-mails doing so late
  • Learning about events on monitored servers, including Sterling File Gateway (SFG), late
  • Getting events from Open Server Architecture (OSA) type servers, including IBM Global Mailbox, late
  • Information about completed processes and/or file transfers appearing late in the Web console

Many, but not all, of these issues are related to slow database performance, and that's typically where you should look first. For more information on Tuning Control Center's database see, Tuning Control Center Database.

OSA server performance is impacted by the performance of the EventProcessorService logic and an ICC servlet that inserts data received from OSA servers into the ICC CC_UNPROCESSED_EVENT database table.

Data displayed in the ICC Web Console Completed Process and Completed File Transfer views, as well as the Recent file transfer activity dashboard widget, is controlled by the Process Summary logic, which is impacted by database performance.

Moreover, all these could be impacted by erroneous rules and actions.

The following sections helps IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor Administrator and/or Support identify why IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor performance issues are occurring and provide tips to avoid and resolve them.