How can I create an action to send an email and generate an alert?

You can create an action that sends an email notification to a system administrator and generates an in-compliance alert.

Specify this action in a rule setup to trigger when a certain critical Process completes successfully. The following example illustrates this setup.
  1. Click Manage > Rules and Actions > Actions and click the Create button to add an action.
  2. Complete Name and Description.
  3. Click Next and create email entries similar to the following sample. Use Insert Var to add variables to Subject and Message. The following table illustrates sample settings for an email Create Action wizard:
    Name To: From: Subject Message
    Notify SysAdmin Success &processId; &processName; completed Process &processId; &processName; completed normally.
  4. Click Next and choose 0 - In compliance for Alert Severity.
  5. Leave the remaining wizard panels unchanged.