Monitor server status

The Server Status Monitor window provides a dynamic summary of managed server activity.

You can view the following types of server status:

  • An individual server or server group
  • Multiple servers or server groups
  • All managed servers of one type
  • All managed servers

The following types of information are displayed for servers; however, the exact information that displays depends on server type:

  • Current server status, represented by a status icon
  • Server IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor name or alias
  • Number of high, medium, and low severity alerts on the server
  • Version of Sterling Connect:Direct®, Sterling Connect:Enterprise®, Sterling Connect:Express, Sterling B2B Integrator, Sterling Secure Proxy, or FTP software on a server
  • For Sterling Connect:Direct, Sterling Connect:Express, and Sterling B2B Integrator servers, information about maximum number of concurrent sessions on the server. You can also see the number of executing and non-executing processes for these server types.
  • For MQ MFT servers, information about maximum number of concurrent transfers on the server.
  • For Sterling Secure Proxy servers, status of engines associated with a Sterling Secure Proxy Configuration Manager. Each Configuration Manager is considered to be as separate Sterling Secure Proxy instance that can be monitored by IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.