Deploying IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor helm chart

After completing the prerequisites, follow these steps to deploy Control Center helm chart bundle:
  1. Create a directory named cc-helm-chartusing following command:
    $ mkdir cc-helm-chart
  2. Place values.yaml file inside cc-helm-chart directory with all control center configuration.
  3. Place control center helm chart bundle ibm-sccm-version.tgz inside cc-helm-chart directory.
  4. Deploy helm chart with following command:
    $ helm install <Release Name> -f values.yaml -n <Kubernetes Namespace> ./ibm-sccm-version.tgz
    $ helm install test -f values.yaml -n control-center ./ibm-sccm-version.tgz
  5. Check status of helm chart using following command:
    $ helm ls -n control-center
    Sample Output:


    Namespace Revision Updated Status Chart App Version
    cc-app-0 control-center 1 2020-10-21 14:32:56.336241307 +0530 IST Deployed ibm-scc-1.0.0 V6.2.0.0