Automated reports frequently asked questions

Following are solutions to issues that might arise with automated reports.

What could cause an automated report not to be delivered?

If an automated report fails to be delivered as expected, check for these conditions:

  • The email server could be down. Make sure it is up.
  • The output attachment size could exceed the limit allowed by the email server.
  • Email servers may strip attachments with certain extensions. To prevent this from happening, double-click the report in the Automated Reports listing, click the Parameters tab, and change the Attachment Extension. Inform recipients to change the file’s extension back after receiving it via email to reflect the report’s format.
  • Email settings may not have been set up. Check on the Email tab of System Settings (on the Manage menu).
  • Make sure that the report schedule is correct.

If you are still having problems, look in the engine log file for errors.

Are there best practices to follow for automated reports?

It is a good idea to schedule automated reports to run when less activity is occurring on managed servers. This reduces the impact of report generation on normal monitoring activity.