Automated reports field definitions

IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor provides automated reports field definitions.

Following are descriptions of automated reports fields.

Field Description
Name Automated report name.
Description A description of the automated report.
Report Schedule The schedule attached to the automated report. The schedule determines when the automated report is generated and sent. User can add multiple schedules for a report.
(List of recipients) The name of the list or lists of email recipients for the automated report.
Report Format Format of the automated report. Options are comma-separated (CSV), portable document format (PDF), or Excel spreadsheet (XLS). If a report contains a graph, then the report cannot be displayed in CSV or XML format.
Attachment Extension The file type or extension of the report file. You can specify no file type or an alternative type which can later be changed by the recipient to circumvent firewall restrictions.
From The “from” address to be specified in the email.
Subject The subject line of the email.