Defining the work

After you identify your IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor business objectives, begin the process of defining how IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor will perform the work necessary to meet those objectives.

You then configure the IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor building blocks, or objects, to accomplish that work. You define the following types of items when configuring IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor:

  • Servers in your environment and how they might logically be grouped
  • Roles that specify actions users can perform and data they can view and work with on the servers and server groups defined in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor
  • Email lists you can associate with rules/actions to notify groups of individuals when an event occurs
  • Rules that specify server events that cause actions to be taken, and when those rules are active
  • Service level criteria (SLCs) that specify processing must occur within a specific time frame and for a specific duration of time

To assist you in configuring these items, IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor provides task lists, worksheets, scripts, utilities, wizards, and predefined items (calendars, rules, and actions). You can create items manually, or you can create multiple objects using a program, sample script, and sample templates included in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.