Application servers

Application servers are a cluster of Jetty Web Application Servers that host the web console and the event repository (ER) servlets.

Application servers enable the ER servlet to add events to the unprocessed events (CC_UNPROCESSED_EVENT) table in the IBM® Control Center Monitor database.

When multiple Jetty Web Application Servers are installed, these servers are running in a cluster and are highly available. Jetty Web Application Servers can host multiple web consoles and ERs. All web consoles, regardless of the application server they are connected to in a cluster, display the same information. You can choose to configure a load balancer for the application server. When an ER is down, the workload can be failed over to other ERs if the load balancer is used.

Because the complete copy of completed file transfers and completed processes data is stored in the IBM Control Center Monitor database, the web console obtains the data from the database instead of event processors (EPs).