Creating multiple objects

IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor provides a batch creation utility (RUNBATCH), sample script, and sample templates to create multiple IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor objects. You can use these tools to create objects, such as actions, rules, schedules, email addresses, and SLCs, without manually creating each one through the console. You can use the same program to add or update server definitions.

Restriction: Server group-restricted users cannot use the RUNBATCH utility to create servers.

The templates are in the ControlCenterInstallDir\conf\templates folder. The sample script (script.txt) is in the ..\conf directory.

Each template is a text file that contains a list of XML tags and variables corresponding to dialog field names. Each variable uses the format &name; where name is the variable name. Each variable name ends with a semicolon.

To run the procedures detailed here, you need to know how to edit XML tags and run batch scripts.

Be sure to review the information in this documentation before attempting to implement those examples in your system to understand how templates and scripts are used with the RUNBATCH program to create and update multiple objects.