What's changed

To meet your business needs, IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor provides changes to existing features.

What's changed for V6.3.0

IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor V6.3.0 includes the following enhancements:
  • As part of deprecating Swing UI(Classic UI) deprecation management functions for , SLC , Metadata Rules , Data Visibility Group(DVG), Reports have been moved to Web UI.
  • Stop Control Center function is available from Web UI. User whose Role has highest permission for all permission settings will be able to stop CC.
  • Welcome Message can be set in engine.properties and it will appear in the login page.
  • Connect:Direct Node discovery function has been deprecated.
  • When a Report is run, the output will be opened in a new tab.

What's changed for V6.2.1.0

IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor V6.2.1.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Connect:Direct Configuration Management functionality has been removed from Control Center Monitor and it is available from Control Center Director.
  • Now, you can add, remove and update monitored servers from Control Center Monitor Web Console.
  • Web console functionality has been expanded and list the new features and a large number of RESTful APIs have been added in support of the new functionality added to the Web console, which may be used by user applications.
  • deleteEP.sh and deleteEP.bat have been added for removing old EPs.
  • Performance was improved in multiple ways, including:
    • Inter-EP (Event Processor) communications used to obtain data on monitored servers is reduced, speeding up both EP and Classic console performance in a multi-EP environment.
    • Now, you can use rules to differentiate between SLC events for a process, or transfer, that completed on time successfully versus one that completed on time but failed.
    • Memory usage was reduced by not caching prepared statements that would never be used again. This results in fewer open cursors when Oracle databases are used.
    • Alert 0 processing performance has been made faster and the database contention that processing causes for MSSQL databases is reduced.
    • Server reassignment logic is made more efficient and is now slightly faster than before.
    • Non-CEP performance is improved by eliminating unnecessary work done by the DeploymentService when it ran on non-CEPs.
    • Trace output from monitored Connect:Direct servers that was previously sent to the console is now being routed to log files.