Sample configuration for ActiveMQ

The following sample configuration shows how to enable ActiveMQ Broker for use with IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor.

Config step : JMS Configuration ...
Do you want to configure JMS parameters(Y/N)?y
Are you sure(Y/N)?
Enable JMS Events(Y/N)? [n] : y
Enter JMS Type(IBMMQ/ActiveMQ). [IBMMQ] : activemq
Enter JMS Hostname. [localhost] : host-ip-address
Enter JMS Port. [1414] : 61616
Publish to a Queue(Y/N)? [n] : y
Enter JMS Subject. [] : SCC.INPUT
Enter JMS Userid. [] : system
Enter JMS Password (No Blanks).
Re-Enter JMS Password (No Blanks).
Embed the Broker?(Y/N)? [n] : n
Enter Time to Live (in milliseconds). [3600000] :
Enter Number of Retries on Connection Failure. [30] :
Enter Time to Wait between Retries (in seconds). [2] :
You provided these JMS configuration options:
JMS Hostname = host-ip-address
JMS Port = 61616
JMS Publishing to Queue
JMS Userid = system
JMS Password = ********
JMS Broker Not Embedded
JMS Time to Live: 3600000
JMS Retries = 30
JMS Retry Wait = 2
Are these correct(Y/N)? [y] : y