Creating secret file

Following is the format of secret file ibm-scc-secret.yaml placed at location /ibm_cloud_pak/pak_extensions/pre-install/secret/:
apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: ibm-scc-secret
type: Opaque
  .ccDBPassword: dGVzdA==
  .adminUserId: YWRtaW4=
  .adminUserPassword: dGVzdA==
  .trustStorePassword: dGVzdA==
  .keyStorePassword: dGVzdA==
You must use base64 encoding value of the parameter. You must convert your parameter with base64 encode and then put it in secret file. Use the following command to create the secret file:
oc create -f ibm-scc-secret.yaml -n control-center

Creating certificate secret

You can create certificate secret for certification using following commands:
kubectl create secret generic ibm-sccm-certs-secret --from-file=keystore=<CCenter.keystore> --from-file=truststore=<CCenter.truststore>
where CCenter.keystore is path of keystore and CCenter.truststore is path of truststore.