Initialization Parameters Report

The Initialization Parameters Report lists initialization parameter (initparm) values for selected servers. The listing is broken down by server and initialization parameter version.

The following table describes the report columns:

Column Description
Server Name Name of the selected server.
Initialization Parameters Name This column simply reflects that the object being reported upon is initialization parameters.
Version Version of the initialization parameters. Version indicates the date and time that the initialization parameters were last changed.
Parameter The specific initialization parameters that were selected for the report.
Value Parameter value.

The set of parameters you can choose to report on in the Parameter column vary depending on server operating system. Definitions of the parameters can be found in the console in the form of tooltips. When you hover the cursor over an initialization parameter its definition displays. You can find further detail on initialization parameters in the Sterling Connect:Direct® documentation for the relevant platform (z/OS, UNIX, or Microsoft Windows).

Important: Depending on the version of Sterling Connect:Direct, there are limitations within IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor related to the FASP protocol.