Working with alerts

When a rule is triggered and its action is set to an alert level, the alert is displayed in the Active Alerts Monitor.

To remove this alert from the Active Alerts monitor, it must be “handled” (moved with appropriate comment to the Handled Alerts Monitor). Consider the following scenario:
  • A rule is in place that watches for a Server Down event and generates a Sev 1 alert for that event.
  • When that server goes down, an alert is generated and displayed in the Active Alerts Monitor.
  • An operator who is watching the Active Alerts monitor notices the alert, investigates the server, and restarts the server.
  • After the server is back up, the alert needs to be “handled” by specifying an appropriate comment, such as “restarted the server.”
  • The user ID and the date and time when the alert was “handled” are recorded in the database along with the comment.
  • The alert is moved to the Handled Alerts Monitor.