Monitor status

You can monitor the status of managed servers, Sterling B2B Integrator adapters, Sterling Secure Proxy, Sterling Connect:Enterprise® master daemons, and Global Mailbox data centers in your enterprise through the IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor status monitors and the Environmental Health widget.

The status monitors include: Server Status Monitor, Adapter Status Monitor, and Daemon Status Monitor.

You can also determine the status of servers, adapters, daemons, and Global Mailbox system data centers in the web console Environmental Health widget.

So, how do you find out that the status of your server, adapter, Global Mailbox system, or daemon changes without constantly checking the status monitors or the Environmental Health widget? You can define rules based on status that cause a certain action to be taken when that status exists. For example, you can define a rule based on a server down condition with an action of sending an email notification status.