Below are the step by step guide to plan and install the IBM Certified Container Software (CCS) in your cluster. Go through each links one by one and perform the operations as applicable for your deployment needs.

Before you deploy the application, you must use the following information to plan the deployment:

  • Verifying system requirements
  • Application license requirements
  • IBM Licensing and Metering service
  • Certificates files for Secure Plus
  • PSP and SCC requirements
  • Hardening RedHat OpenShift cluster
  • Encrypting etcd data

User Roles

Deployment tasks can be performed by cluster administrator and project administrator. The following table illustrates the type of task that are typically associated with each administrative role. The list is not intended to be exhaustive -
Role Task
Cluster Administrator
  • Creating namespaces (projects)
  • Creating PSP or SCC and assigning them to namespace (project)
  • Configuring Storage for data persistence
  • Providing environmental details
  • Installing and configuring IBM Licensing and Metering Service
Project Administrator
  • Creating Secrets
  • Installing IBM Certified Container Software for Connect Direct UNIX
  • Validating the install
  • Post deployment tasks