Sterling B2B Integrator statistics table for business process activity (BP_STATS_LOG)

Describes the elements and element types for the properties in the BP_STATS_LOG table.


Important: During the upgrade process, IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor creates tables to capture Sterling B2B Integrator activity. If you have data that was collected from Sterling B2B Integrator prior to upgrading to IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor V5.4.2.1, run the convertB2BData utility to migrate your existing data to the Sterling B2B Integrator tables. This utility migrates data previously stored in the EVENTS table to where it is stored now in the following tables: Sterling File Gateway activity (FG_STATS_LOG), protocol activity (AFT_STATS_LOG), and business process activity (BP_STATS_LOG). Run the migration utility after you upgrade IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor, while the engine is stopped. Do not run Sterling B2B Integrator or Sterling File Gateway reports for data that was collected before the upgrade until you have migrated your data.
Element Type Description
CC_NAME varchar Reserved for future use.
ACTIVITYINFO_ID varchar Internal column.
ADV_STATUS varchar Status of the Business Process step.
BASIC_STATUS varchar Status of the Business Process step.
END_TIME varchar Business process step end time.
EVENT_ID bigint Indicates the event ID, which is the same as the EVENTS.EVENT_ID.
LOG_DATE_TIME varchar Indicates the date and the time the transfer was logged. Same as the EVENTS.DATE_TIME.
NAME varchar Reserved for future use.
NEXT_AI_ID varchar Internal column.
NODEEXECUTED varchar The cluster node where the Process was executed.
PART_KEY date The date the event was generated. The format is yyyy-mm-dd.
SERVICE_NAME varchar Name of the service in the business process step.
START_TIME varchar Business process step start time.
STEP_ID varchar Business Process step number.
WFD_ID varchar Identifier for the Business Process Name.
WFD_NAME varchar Business Process Name.
WFD_VERSION varchar Business process version number.
WFE_STATUS varchar Status of the executed business process.
WORKFLOW_ID varchar Business process instance ID.
PROCESS_DATA varchar Data from Process Instance data, if collected.