IBM Control Center Application Interfaces Overview

The IBM Control Center Application Interface (CCAPI) enables a Java application to connect with a IBM Control Center engine and get, create, update, and delete IBM Control Center objects, as well as initiate Node object configuration operations. Here is the list of packages:
  • com.sterlingcommerce.scc.common.nodeconfig
  • com.sterlingcommerce.scc.sdk
  • com.sterlingcommerce.scc.sdk.ccapi
Use of the CCAPI revolves around the CCProxy class, which implements both the ControlCenterProxy, and the ConfigServiceProxy interfaces. You will instantiate a copy of a CCProxy, providing all the necessary connection information including IBM Control Center engine IP address (or DNS host name), to initiate a connection with an IBM Control Center engine:
  • IBM Control Center engine API port
  • IBM Control Center User ID
  • IBM Control Center User password
  • Indication of whether a secure connection is to be used or not