Application Properties

This section details the parameters listed in file of IBM® Sterling Control Center Director located at \web\ccbase\webapps\ You can modify the parameters listed in this file and make them default parameters. The values defined in this file override the existing values.

Table 1. Application.Properties parameters
Parameter & Default Values Description
Generic defaults


Specifies number of database connections between database and application. This property controls the maximum size that the pool is allowed to reach, including both idle and in-use connections.


Controls the maximum number of milliseconds that you will wait for setting up a connection from the pool


Controls the maximum amount of time that a connection is allowed to sit idle in the pool
spring.datasource.hikari.max-lifetime=1800000 Controls the maximum lifetime of a connection in the pool. An in-use connection will never be retired, only when it is closed it will be removed.
xproperties.web.refreshDelayInSecs=60 Specifies the time delay in which the swagger properties will get reflected on the Control Center Director to maintain a high availability environment
mail.smtp.timeout=30000 Specifies socket I/O timeout value in milliseconds
mail.smtp.connectiontimeout=30000 Specifies socket connection value in milliseconds
New Install CD Certificate details
newInstall.certificateDefaultAlias=cdCN Specifies Connect:Direct certificate alias name for new install
newInstall.certificateDefaultAlgorithm=SHA256withRSA Specifies Connect:Direct certificate algorithm for new install
newInstall.certificatePKeyWriterAlgorithm=AES-128-CBC Specifies Connect:Direct certificate algorithm of key generation for new install
newInstall.subject.OU=IBM Control Center Specifies Connect:Direct certificate subject attribute, Organizational Unit for new install
newInstall.subject.O=Director Specifies Connect:Direct certificate subject attribute, Organization for new install
newInstall.subject.L=Armonk Specifies Connect:Direct certificate subject attribute, Locality for new install
newInstall.subject.ST=New York Specifies Connect:Direct certificate subject attribute, State for new install
newInstall.subject.C=US Specifies Connect:Direct certificate subject attribute, Country for new install
New Install Frontend defaults Specifies default host port of Connect:Direct server
newInstall.port.api=1363 Specifies default API port of Connect:Direct server
newInstall.port.agent=1365 Specifies default Agent port of Connect:Direct server
newInstall.cert.validity=30 Specifies Connect:Direct certificate expiry time for new install Specifies default installation location of Connect:Direct server for UNIX operating system\\Program Files Specifies default installation location of Connect:Direct server for Windows operating system