Accessing Control Center Director Web Console

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have enabled Certificate authentication for Connect:Direct.
  • Ensure that you have registered an e-mail ID with your user account. If an e-mail is not registered, the system prompts to register an e-mail ID before first login.
  • Control Center Director Web Console can be viewed only in English language and displays Date/Time-based information in the user local time format. Recommended Control Center Director Web Console resolution is 1366 X 768 (min) and 1600 X 900 (max).


To access the Control Center Director Web Console in a web browser:

  1. Launch a browser and navigate to the URL https://<hostname:port>/cc-ui/index.html, substituting the IP of your Web server.
    Note: URLs provided at the end of the installation process with the correct IP address or DNS hostname.

    You can use either login as a user with full access (admin) or the restricted access (user) role assigned. If you are logging into the Control Center Director Web Console for the first time, login as user with full access role.

  2. You should see the Control Center Director login page. Log in with the credentials set when you configure Control Center Director using the script.

    Successful logging will get you to the Dashboard. What your Dashboard displays depends on how you have configured your Control Center Director instance and role assigned to you. For more information see Dashboard.