Creating DB2 databases and database users on z/OS

When you create DB2® databases for use with IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor, ensure that you configure the settings required for operation with IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.

Install the DB2 database server and ensure that you have the authority to create the database and database user.
Create the database with the required settings outlined in Required settings for DB2 database on the z/OS operating system. These settings apply to production and reports databases. The following high-level steps are used to create DB2 database on the z/OS® operating system:
  1. Create the required database with the required settings.
  2. Grant the user the required permissions to access the database.
  3. Install and configure IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor to use the defined database and database user.
  4. Run the additional DB2 z/OS scripts against the reports database.
  5. Start the IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor engine.