There are total 3 types (Connect:Direct Configuration, Audit and Custom) of IBM® Sterling Control Center Director reports:

The steps to create reports are same as in Control Center Monitor reports feature. Use the following link below to know more about creating reports.
Important: Path for IBM Sterling Control Center DirectorReports: From the IBM Sterling Control Center Director Web Console, select Tools > Reports > All Reports.
Note: IBM Sterling Control Center Director does not support automated reports. If you have entitlement for both Control Center Monitor and IBM Sterling Control Center Director, automated reports can be created from Control Center Monitor user interface.
Tip: You can use the Overflow Menu for the following actions:
  • Update: Click Update option to edit the information of a selected entry.
  • Duplicate: Click Duplicate to copy the definition or components listed.
  • Delete: Click Delete to open the Delete window which helps you to delete the entity.
  • View Details: Click View Details to open the details page of a particular report.
  • Enable/Disable: Click Enable/Disable to enable/disable a report.
  • Cross Reference: Click Cross Reference to determine other objects reference.
  • Audit Logs: Click Audit Logs to view the logs.
  • Run Report: Click Run Report option to run report.