Sterling Secure Proxy considerations

You need to be aware of considerations for Sterling Secure Proxy servers when you are integrating them with IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor.

Observe the following special considerations when you are managing Sterling Secure Proxy servers:
  • When monitored via MQ:
    • To monitor Sterling Secure Proxy, IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor reads messages that Sterling Secure Proxy publishes to an instance of WebSphere® MQ that belongs to Sterling Secure Proxy.
    • Purchase and install a copy of WebSphere MQ in a network where both Sterling Secure Proxy and IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor can access it.
    • While Sterling Secure Proxy supports the output of event messages to both ActiveMQ and WebSphere MQ, IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor supports only WebSphere MQ.
    • Although Sterling Secure Proxy engines can be configured to emit messages separately, IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor does not use these engine messages. Do not configure Sterling Secure Proxy to emit engine messages because an abundance of these messages slows IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor, even though they are ignored.
    • IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor monitors Sterling Secure Proxy Configuration Manager for only configuration changes and status changes of the engine and adapter. It does not monitor session or file transfer activity through Sterling Secure Proxy.
  • When monitored via OSA:
    • New Sterling Secure Proxy servers appear in the new “All SSP-OSA Servers” server group rather than being shown in the “All SSP Servers” server group, like classic SSP type servers. Unlike classic SSP servers, you cannot see the engines associated with them there.
    • In the Environmental health widget of web console, the new Sterling Secure Proxy servers appear in SSP-OSA box.
    • Environmental health widget shows boxes for the types of servers actually being monitored. So, unless users are monitoring both classic SSP servers, and new, SSP-OSA servers, only one of those “boxes” would appear.