Using Config Search Tool

You can search configuration objects for servers managed centrally by IBM® Sterling Control Center.

Note: Depending on the type of database being used, only the first 4,000 characters of values stored can be searched.

To search on configuration objects:

  1. Go to Configuration Tool > Config Search Tool.
  2. Choose an option in the Search For Values That list:
    • Contains
    • Match
    • Begins With
    • Ends with
    • Does not match
    • Does not contain
  3. Type a search argument in the text box.
  4. Use the Execute Search On section to narrow your search.
    1. Select the type of objects to search on. Options include:
      • All Objects
      • Netmap Nodes
      • Netmap Modes
      • Netmap Commpaths
      • Functional Authorities
      • User Proxies
      • Secure+
      • Init Param
    2. Specify whether to Search In Versioned Objects, Templates, or Both.
    3. Specify whether to search only Current Version or All Versions of objects.
    4. Enter how many rows you want to be displayed in the results in Restrict Results To field.
  5. Click Additional Options to specify Other Search Options by selecting from Parameter, Server, Server Group, or Object ID, then selecting an operator, and entering text to further narrow the search.
  6. Click Search to initiate the search. Click Reset to clear all values and reset them to their default state.