Actions on a trusted certificate

You can view details, edit, copy, download IBM® Sterling Control Center.
Note: You cannot delete key certificates located on a Sterling Connect:Direct® server. This stipulation also means that you cannot use IBM Sterling Control Center to revert to a previous version of certificates. You also cannot make a specific version of certificates the current version. To perform these functions, see the documentation for the Sterling Connect:Direct server.
  1. Go to Secure+ > Trusted Certificates.
  2. Choose the Server and Version.
  3. From the displayed results, click the overflow menu icon (Overflow menu icon displays a list of actions) > View Details/ Edit/ Copy To for the record, which you want to view, edit or copy a Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus trusted certificate to another Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus node on any server in your netmap respectively.
    Note: After you click View Details, on the Details page, click Actions > Download to download the certificate.pem file.