Compiling and executing the sample program

Before you proceed, review the system requirements within the ReadMe.txt file. Follow the steps given below to compile and execute the program.

  1. Within the, edit the parameters that create the CCProxy object, by pointing to your IBM Control Center engine with the credentials to authenticate with the engine. The node configuration parameters that are provided within the sample program must be edited as well.
  2. Compile Sample by navigating to the CCAPI folder from DOS or a UNIX terminal, and entering the following command at the command prompt.
    javac -classpath lib\CDJAI.jar;lib\SCCenter.jar 

    After the compilation is successful, a Sample.class is generated in the CCAPI folder.

  3. Execute Sample by entering the following command at the command prompt. Be sure jar names used have the appropriate version value.
    java -Dlog4j.configurationFile=conf\log4j2.xml -classpath lib\;lib\;lib\commons-lang3-3.6.jar;lib\openjpa-all-2.4.0.jar;lib\10x-core-3.9.0.jar;lib\10x-app-3.9.0.jar;lib\10x-app-db-openjpa-3.9.0.jar;lib\10x-pac-user-mgt-3.9.0.jar;lib\10x-ui-3.9.0.jar;lib\icu4j-62_1.jar;lib\ccwc-6.1.jar;lib\ruleEngine.jar;lib\javax.mail.jar;lib\serializer.jar;lib\xercesImpl.jar;lib\jdmkrt.jar;lib\jdom-2.0.6.jar;lib\xalan.jar;lib\log4j-api-2.10.0.jar;lib\log4j-core-2.10.0.jar;lib\log4j-1.2-api-2.10.0.jar;lib\saas-log-log4j-1.2.0.jar;lib\gson-2.8.2.jar;lib\log4j-iostreams-2.10.0.jar;lib\CDJAI.jar;lib\componentCommon.jar;lib\slcComponent.jar;lib\SCCenter.jar;. Sample

    You can affect logging in CCProxy by editing the log4j2.xml file found in the CCAPI\conf folder. The CCAPI.log log file is created and appended to in the CCAPI\lib folder when logging is enabled in log4j2.xml.