Adding users

Before users can access IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor, you must configure user definitions in the console.

You can choose to have users validated using the IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor internal passwords that you define when adding users. Alternatively, you can use Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) accessible directories to externally authenticate users. Users with IDs configured for external authentication are validated through IBM Sterling External Authentication Server, and you do not have to maintain their passwords in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.

To add a user to IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor:

  1. From IBM Control Center Monitor Web Console, click User and Roles.
  2. From the left hand side navigation panel, click All Users > Create User on the top right of the List Users screen.
  3. Type the User ID and description for the user you are defining.
  4. Select the Role to assign to the user and enter a valid e-mail ID.
  5. Provide information in at least one of the following fields to authenticate the user during sign-on. If the user fails to provide authentication information, an error message warns the user that the information is required.
    • TCP/IP Address
    • Use Control Center Director User ID (external authentication)
    • Use External ID (external authentication)
    Important: If you configure one of the external authentication options, you do not need to configure the other authentication options in this window. However, to validate user credentials with IBM Sterling External Authentication Server during log in, you must also configure IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor for secure connections with IBM Sterling External Authentication Server. See the topics in Authenticate users through external directory services for more information about configuring external authentication.
  6. Click Create User.
  7. Click Confirm to confirm the user creation.