How can I be alerted if one or more related processes might not complete on time?

You can use a Jeopardy List to get an alert if one or more related processes do not complete on time.

Workflow SLCs have a parameter called Jeopardy List.

A jeopardy list is simply a list of message IDs that might be associated with SLC events.

  1. To create a jeopardy list, click the Create button next to the Jeopardy List drop-down list:
  2. Specify a Name and Description, then press Next:
  3. On the subsequent wizard screen, check the message IDs you want to use as an indication that the workflow might not complete on time. If any SLC events are generated for the workflow that contain a message ID specified in the jeopardy list, then an additional SLC event with a message ID of CSLC229I (on time completion in jeopardy) is generated for every workflow milestone that has yet to start.
    Note: Right-click the message list and choose Suggest Jeopardy List to get a suggested list of messages.