Using RESTful APIs for Web Configurations

You can use RESTful APIs for configuring Control Center Director nodes, both in non high availability and high availability environments. To use these APIs, follow the below procedure:
  1. Explore Control Center Director RESTful API resources at:
  2. Under REST APIs for Web Properties section, invoke /api/web-property/post to set the following request parameters:
    Table 1. Web Configuration Parameters
    Parameter Default Value Description Consideration for High Availability Environment
    server.use-forwarded-for-with-proxy false While using a load balancer, the correct IP address of the end user is not shared with Control Center Director node. To avoid incorrect reporting set the server.use-forwarded-for-with-proxy request parameter as true. The value of the parameter must be set to true.
    Package Configuration Parameters

    NA Control Center Director detects the package from the specified location. The specified package directory location must be a shared location, which is auto detected by all the Control Center Director nodes.


    900 seconds Use to specify the periodic time frame (in seconds) after which the Control Center Director scans the specified package directory for a new package. None
    Control Center Director node configuration Parameters: When the following parameters are used in high availability environment, the individual configurations of all the nodes are overridden and same values of the parameters are set on all the nodes. This is done to ensure synchronization in the Control Center Director nodes participating in the High Availability environment.
    authentication.allowedattempts 5 Use to specify the maximum number of incorrect login attempts after which the user account will be locked. None
    authentication.lockduration 600000 millisecond Use to specify the account lock duration (in millisecond) after maximum number of incorrect login attempts. None
    authtoken.evictInMins 190 minutes Use to set the eviction time (in minutes) of the expired refresh tokens. None
    authtoken.expireInMins 180 minutes An access token is created to validate the user upon login. Use to set the expiry time (in minutes) of the access token.
    Note: The value (in minutes) of authtoken.expireInMins must be less than authtoken.evictions.
    authtoken.activationExpiryInDays 7 days A token is generated upon sending of activation emails. Use to set the expiry time (in days) of this activation token. None
Note: Use /api/web-property/get and /api/web-property/list to get details of specific web property and get list of web properties respectively.