Monitoring Sterling Secure Proxy engine status

IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor monitors the status of Sterling Secure Proxy engines. IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor displays summary information about these engines through the Engine Status Monitor in the web console.

To view the status of the engines for a Sterling Secure Proxy server:

  1. In the web console, click Servers > Server List.
  2. Click the overflow menu () > View Details for the SSP server whose engines' status you wish to view.
  3. Click Engines.
    Table 1. Engine Status Monitor information for Sterling Secure Proxy engines
    Field Description
    CM Version Version of the Sterling Secure Proxy Configuration Manager that is associated with the engine for the engine.
    Date Started Date the engine was started.
    Engine Version Version of the Sterling Secure Proxy engine.
    Date Last Updated Date of the last Configuration Manager update for the engine.
    Name Name of the engine.
    Status The status of the engine: running or stopped.
    System Message The system message for the engine.