Excluding adapters from monitoring

If you are not using all available Sterling B2B Integrator adapters, you can exclude specific adapters from being monitored by IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor. By excluding unused adapters, you can distinguish between adapters that are truly down or stopped versus adapters that are unused or unconfigured.

When you install Sterling B2B Integrator, some of the adapters that are installed are initially down and are displayed as down or stopped (red) in the Environmental Health widget. In the Adapter Status Monitor, the adapters are listed with a status of "Stopped". To monitor these unconfigured and unused adapters, you need to configure them in Sterling B2B Integrator. If you do not plan to use these adapters in your environment, remove them from your list of monitored adapters in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.
  1. To access a list of down or stopped adapters from the Environmental Health widget, click Down in the Adapters area of the chart.
  2. The Adapter Status Monitor displays a list of down or stopped adapters.
    The server that is associated with each down or stopped adapter is listed in the Server column.
  3. Click Servers > Server List.
  4. Click overflow menu () > Update for the server with adapters you do not wish to monitor.
  5. Click Settings > Adapter List.
  6. Uncheck the Monitored value for the adapters you don't want monitored by Control Center.
The adapters that you excluded are no longer monitored and do not display in the Environmental Health widget adapter chart or status change count, or in the Adapter Status Monitor. To begin monitoring these adapters, configure them in Sterling B2B Integrator. After you configure the adapters, add them to the list of monitored adapters in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor for the applicable Sterling B2B Integrator server.