Trap content

To control which event element values are included in SNMP traps and the maximum number of characters an element can contain, you can change the values (shown as 0 or 255 in the sample xml file) for the subelements listed under the <trapElements> element.

All elements with a value greater than 0 will be included in SNMP traps generated by IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor and the value specified for an element will limit its maximum number of characters. All elements with a value of 0 will be excluded from the event data contained in SNMP traps. For example, the value of the destFile element (indicated in bold type in the sample file) is 0 which indicates that, by default, destination file data is excluded from SNMP traps. If you change the value from 0 to 10, the trap object identifier (OID) for destFile will be included in a trap along with no more than 10 characters of the destination file name that caused the SNMP trap to be generated. If you leave the destFile value as 0 but change omitIfEmpty to true, the OID for destFile will not be in the trap. If you leave omitIfEmpty as false, the OID for destFile will be in the trap, but the value associated with the OID will be empty.