Removing a server from IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor

You cannot remove a server that is referenced by any other IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor object including server groups, rules, SLCs, and roles.

To remove a server from IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor:
  1. From Control Center Monitor Web Console, go to Servers > Server List.
  2. From the list of servers, click overflow button () > Remove Server for the server you want to remove.
    The server is removed.

    The server is removed from any open monitor windows unless it is the only item displayed in the monitor. In that case, the monitor window closes.

Removing OSA servers

The OSA type servers such as Global Mailbox or SSP added via OSA dynamic discovery can be deleted from the Classic Console only.

  1. Login to the Classic console.
  2. On the top-left navigation panel, click Groups
    All servers groups appear in the list.
  3. Expand All SSP-OSA servers from the list.
    All Secure Proxy servers (OSA) are listed here.
  4. Right click on the server you wish to delete, and then click Remove Server.