Monitoring business processes for a B2Bi server

Follow these steps to specify the business processes to be monitored for a B2Bi server:
  1. Go to Update Server dialog for the monitored server and click on the Settings.
  2. On the Settings tab, choose whether you want to Specify the Business Processes to be monitored (the black list option) or not be monitored (the white list option) by choosing Monitored or Not monitored respectively and then click BP List.
    • Until IBM Sterling Control Center ascertains whether the monitored B2Bi server supports the ability to specify a white list of BPs for monitoring, you will not be given a choice regarding the specification of a BP black list / white list.

      The BP List button appears after Control Center has connected with the monitored server and is able to obtain the list of business processes from it.

  3. Choose the processes to be monitored/ not monitored from the Business Process Selection dialog box. You can specify a maximum of 255 business processes for either type of the processes.

Specifying Business Processes To Monitor

  • Depending on the release of B2Bi being monitored, you may specify either BPs to not be monitored, or BPs to be monitored.
  • An engine property, SI_SUPPORTS_BP_WHITE_LIST, which by default is false, may be specified. When SI_SUPPORTS_BP_WHITE_LIST is true, ICC will allow you to specify business processes to not be monitored regardless of whether the B2Bi server supports that ability. This property will be useful because currently Control Center is unable to ascertain whether the B2Bi server supports a white list BP specification and assumes it cannot.
  • If you want to change the default for specifying business processes to be monitored from using a black list approach to a white list approach for monitored B2Bi servers, you must add the engine property BP_BLACK_LIST with a value of false. Once Control Center is stopped and restarted, the update to BP_BLACK_LIST will take effect.