Managing a key certificate

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct® uses Key Certificates for authentication and validations. IBM® Sterling Control Center allows you to view, edit, delete the key certificates already loaded on your Sterling Connect:Direct instance.

If you want to use a different certificate to authenticate a trading partner, import that information into the remote node record.
Note: The certificate you specify from Control Center must already be loaded on your Sterling Connect:Direct server.
  1. Go to Secure+ > Key Certificates.
  2. Choose the Server and Version.
    Note: If you are unable to select the Server, it is likely due to the fact that the connection to server is not secure or the server is down.
  3. Click Create New from the overflow menu icon (Overflow menu icon displays a list of actions) above the grid.
  4. Select one or more Sterling Connect:Direct servers or server groups to which to import the certificates. Click Next.
  5. Take one of these steps:
    • To identify all certificate information, select Enter Key Certificate details.
    • To import a certificate that exists on another server, select Start from an existing Key Certificate on another server. Identify the server where the certificate is located and the name of the certificate.
  6. Enter the required details and click Next.
  7. Identify when this job has to run:
    • Now to import the certificate immediately.
    • Held for later to send the job to the job queue with a status of Held.
      Note: Select Held for later if you are not ready to initiate the Import certificate job.
    • Schedule for later and then specify a time zone and date/time when the job is to run. This option sends the job to the job queue with a status of Scheduled.

    Click Next.

  8. Click Submit. Now, to return to original page, click Close. Else, click Configuration Jobs to run the held job or view information about the completed job.
Only key certificates referenced by a Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus node entry are displayed in Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS®. If you import a certificate but no Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus node refers to it, the certificate is not displayed in the list of key certificates.