About report criteria

When you create or modify a report, the output may be limited by one or more filter criteria.

At least one criterion is required. The available criteria depend on the report type selected. For many reports, the list of filter criteria is equivalent to the report's available columns. See individual report descriptions for details.

When filtering on Server or Server Group, you select from a list of managed servers/groups. For Date and Time you select Relative to identify a date/time relative to report generation time, or Absolute to select a specific date and time.

Wildcard characters can be used in the selection criteria for some reports and are as follows:

Wildcard Character Meaning
* Represents one or more characters.

Example 1: ‘C*' represents any value that begins with the letter C.

Example 2: ‘abc*abc*abc’ could match on a variety of strings, such as abc1abc2abc, abc1111abcabc, or abcfabcstrabc.

? The individual character in this exact position can be any character.