Viewing Initialization Parameters

Use one of these views to look at or update values in the initialization parameters file:

  • Table view—Shows details about initialization parameters including a description and its value and details about the syntax of parameters. It is useful for a less experienced operator who needs help updating parameters.
  • Full text view—If you are experienced with initialization parameters, use Full Text view to view and directly change the initialization parameters file. Syntax checking is also available in Full Text view.
Important: When the Sterling Connect:Direct® for z/OS® server is a Sterling Connect:Direct/Plex server, the global initialization parameters and all local initialization parameters are displayed. The global parameters are identified by the section header [GLOBAL]. The local initialization parameters of each server are identified by a separate header. Example: [LOCAL MANAGER=YES] for the manager and [LOCAL SERVER=SERVER1] for the member called SERVER1.
Important: Depending on the version of Connect:Direct, there are limitations within IBM® Sterling Control Center related to the FASP protocol.

To view initialization parameters for a server:

  1. Click Initialization Parameters, select Server and Version from the drop down list.
  2. Expand the required initialization parameter section. You can view all the initialization parameters of that respective section.
    Note: If the server is a UNIX computer, initialization parameters with no value assigned are not displayed, To view all parameters including parameters with no value, select Show All Parameters.