Rule sets

IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor may have multiple rule sets: a global rule set and one rule set for each data visibility group (DVG) defined. An event can trigger at most one rule per rule set, and priorities for rules are set in each rule set.

The following describes types of rule sets:

Global rule set
  • Rules that do not specify a data visibility group (DVG) in parameters
  • Global rules belong to the global rule set
  • The built-in rules that are shipped with IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor are in the global rule set
DVG Rule set
  • Rules that specify a DVG
  • Called data visibility group restricted rules

    For example, if a data visibility group-restricted rule specifies ”Data Visibility Group Matches Payroll” in its parameters, the rule is in the Payroll rule set.

In IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor Web UI, when looking at defined rules, you may choose to view the rules in Rule Sets you're authorized to view.

When an administrator views the Rules window, the Rule Set list displays GLOBAL and all the data visibility groups defined. To display a rule set, the administrator selects one from the list. The rules are filtered, and only the rules in that rule set are displayed.

When a DVG-restricted user views the Rules Listing panel, only the user's assigned DVGs are displayed in the list. A DVG-restricted user cannot view the GLOBAL rule set.