Managing metadata type mapping

You can append as many as four metadata elements, and values, per IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor event using metadata actions. The element names are called metadata types. Changing the way metadata elements are labeled is called mapping metadata types.

Attention: Unlike other configuration data, the Metadata Type Mapping for User Data and Server Data is stored in the database, rather than in the local IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor configuration. If you switch to a new database or reinitialize the existing database during upgrading or for any other reason, the Metadata Type Mapping data is lost. Make note of these values before switching or initializing the database and reconfigure them afterwards.
To map metadata types:
  1. Select Manage > Metadata > Metadata Type Mapping.
  2. On the Rules/Actions tab, enter a name that describes the metadata for each metadata type that you want to map.
  3. On the Server Metadata Titles tab, enter a name that describes the metadata for each server metadata type that you want to map.
  4. Click OK.
    Note: Once you map a metadata type to a new value, that value appears in place of the default in lists of Key selections when you create rules or set filters for metadata actions (for Rules/Actions metadata fields), or when you specify server metadata (for Server Metadata Titles) or for both when you generate reports containing metadata.