Duplicating objects

You can duplicate objects in IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor, which allows you to create a new object from an existing one without entering every data field.

The kinds of objects that you can duplicate include the following:

  • Actions
  • On-Demand Reports
  • CalendarsColumn
  • Layout Views
  • Roles
  • Data Visibility Groups
  • Email Lists
  • Rules Schedules
  • Metadata Actions
  • SLC Groups
  • Metadata Rules
  • Users

To duplicate an object:

  1. In the listing for the object, such as the Rules listing or the Workflow SLCs listing, select the item that you want to duplicate, then click the duplicate button. A Create object wizard is displayed with all fields already populated.
  2. Enter a unique name for the new object.
  3. Make changes to other fields as necessary, then click Next to advance through the wizard.
  4. On the Finish page, click Finish to create the new item.