Cross-referencing objects

When making decisions about changing or deleting IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor objects, you can determine whether other objects reference them. Showing any related objects can help you avoid making changes that would adversely affect other parts of the system.

IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor objects you can cross-reference with other objects include:

  • Actions
  • Automated Reports
  • On-Demand Reports
  • Report Schedules
  • Calendars
  • Roles
  • Email Lists
  • Rules
  • Rules Schedules
  • Metadata Rules
  • Metadata Actions
  • SLC Groups
  • Message Lists
  • Users
To cross-reference an object:
  1. In the listing (for example, the Users listing or the Rules listing), right-click the item to cross-reference.
  2. From the contextual menu that displays, select Cross-reference, and then one of the object types listed.
    The choices depend upon what other objects the object being cross-referenced might be interrelated with. For example, a message list is potentially interrelated with workflow SLC groups and roles. You can also specify All Objects.
A list is displayed of objects (of the type specified) that reference the object in question.