Known Restrictions

Control Center Director and its related software have the following known restrictions:

  • When moving from the configuration objects' listing page to the details page, the page turns blank. This is caused due to high identity number generated in the database and may cause issues with JavaScript. If the identities in CC_SEQUENCE has high numbers in 16 digits or beyond (Safe limit- link), this is most likely to happen. In such a case, it is advised to track the upcoming FixPack (ifix01).
  • Connect:Direct servers can only be restored to a release from which upgrade was planned. For example, if you upgrade from Connect:Direct for UNIX v4.3 to v6.0, then you can only restore to Connect:Direct for UNIX v4.3 but not v4.2.
  • Upgrades on target Connect:Direct nodes via Control Center Director Web Console is currently not supported for Connect:Direct servers running on a 32-bit Solaris platform. You must upgrade to Connect:Direct for UNIX v6.0.0 and above to support the upgrade process.
  • If the login attempt fails, clearing the browser cache may resolve the issue.
  • When you upgrade from Control Center Director version or Control Center Monitor v6.1.3 to Control Center version 6.2 or later, External Auth Server connection parameters change and do not remain the same as in the original version from which you upgraded. You must run and specify the parameters again.