Stopping Sterling Connect:Direct Servers

You can stop a Sterling Connect:Direct server from the IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor console if your role has permission to manage servers and groups. If your role does not have the requisite permission, the Stop Server option appears dimmed.

  1. Right-click the server you want to stop.
  2. Select Stop Server. The Stop Server window displays with the following termination types:
    Termination Type Description
    Quiesce after active processes complete Stops the server when all executing Processes are complete. No new Processes are started.
    Terminate processes at end of step Stops all Processes after the executing step is complete. Writes statistics records, closes files, and shuts down the server.
    Immediate orderly shutdown Stops all activity, terminates processes and connections, writes statistics records, closes files, and shuts down the server.
    Force termination now Forcibly terminates the server. No attempt is made to terminate executing processes or write statistics records. Use this type only for emergency terminations or when a problem occurs.
  3. Select the Termination Type and click OK.