Monitoring MQ MFT file transfers

MQ MFT activity consists of file transfers between MQ MFT agents and execution of commands on the source or destination agent.

Important: Depending on the server IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor is monitoring, you can have functionality limitations in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor with that server. See the Release notes to see what functionality is available with your server.

The MQ MFT coordination queue manager logs the results of these operations in to the appropriate topic in MQ (SYSTEM.FTE). IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor subscribes to the MQ topic (and its subtopics). IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor handles these messages in the following ways:

  • Consumes them
  • Converts them into IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor events by an MQ MFT node service that is created to monitor MQ MFT servers
  • Passes them on to the Metadata Rule Service, Rule Service, Data Visibility Service, SLC Service, and other IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor internal services

Queued Process Activity Monitor

Inflight file transfers may or may not display in the Queued Process Activity Monitor depending on the following factors:
  • The file transfer is so quick that MQ MFT does not generate a progress event for the transfer.
  • The file transfer completes quickly.
  • The monitor rest time that is specified for the MQ MFT node service prevents the transfer from displaying.

Completed Process Activity Monitor

MQ MFT allows multiple files to be transferred in a single request. Each of the files transferred is treated by IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor as separate steps within the same process. So, when you choose Select Statistics on a completed process, you see the following steps:
  • Process Started
  • Step Started
  • Step Ended
  • Step Started
  • Step Ended
  • Process Ended
Attention: IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor activities that use ANT scripts produce a separate process for each ANT step.