Following steps show the actions you can perform in Jobs section:

  1. Schedule a maintenance job (Upgrade) or an Emergency Restore job.
    1. Click Upgrades > All Jobs > Deploy Job to schedule an upgrade (job).
    2. Select Maintenance Job from the Job Type drop-down menu to schedule an Upgrade and enter the rest of the form details as required.
      To schedule an Emergency Restore procedure that restores the Connect:Direct product and system files to its state as it was before upgrade, select Emergency Restore Job from the Job Type drop-down menu.
      Note: For an Emergency Restore Job, Servers and Server Groups display servers and server groups with valid restore points.
    3. Select Start Now/Schedule for Later/Hold for Later to schedule the job.
    4. Click Schedule.

      Scheduled job is now listed under the All Jobs view.

  2. View and manage Jobs regardless of their state
    1. Click Jobs>All Jobs to view all jobs in your environment.
    2. Select an entry to view job details.
    3. Select an entry and click Export to export and view job details in a .csv format.
    4. Select an entry and click Delete to remove a held state job if it is no longer required.
    5. Select an entry and click Edit to edit job.
      Note: A job that is In Progress state can be stopped but not edited.
  3. View and Manage Jobs by their current or recent state.
    1. Click Jobs to view all jobs in your environment by state that is, In Progress, Held, Scheduled, and Completed.