Creating an email list

Create an email list that can be used in actions to send notifications to a list of users.

To create an email list:
  1. Select Manage > Email Lists to display the Email List listing.
  2. Click the Create button to display the Add Email List wizard.
  3. Type a name and description for the email list and click Next.
  4. To add email addresses to the list, click the To: field and type the addresses. To import email addresses from a text file, locate the file and click Import. To sort the addresses in ascending or descending order, click Sort.
  5. Click Next to continue.
  6. Identify the restricted roles that have permission to modify the email list.
    Tip: Unrestricted roles automatically have permission to modify an action.
  7. Specify whether the email list will be visible to all users or only to the users in the roles you selected. If you make the email list visible to all users, you cannot restrict visibility to specific roles after it is created. Click Next.
  8. Click Finish to add the email list to the Email List listing.
  9. Click Close to close the Add Email List wizard.