Monitoring non-OSA Servers

To limit the resources consumed by each NodeService a configuration parameter named simultaneousCdPollers in the CCEngineService configuration data, whose default value is 7, is used.


For optimum performance simultaneousCdPollers is typically set to 25% of the number of total number of polled monitored server types assigned to each EP with a maximum value of 30. This is just a guideline and not definitive however.

There are events generated to help you know when monitoring is not occurring at the expected rate for servers that are polled:
CCNS018E Monitor rate out of compliance.  Server ID: {0}  Last poll Date/time: {1}  Monitor Rest Time: {2}
CCNS029I Monitor rate back in compliance.  Server ID: {0}  Last poll date/time: {1}  Monitor Rest Time: {2}


Enable the built-in rule Monitoring rate out of compliance, which uses these events in a linked rule to know when polling rate of any non-OSA server is not occurring at the expected rate for over an hour. This rule is often triggered because simultaneousCdPollers is set too low for activity being monitored and/or the number of monitored servers is too high.

The following sections describe how non-OSA servers are monitored and their performance implications.