Clearing Queued Processes

There is a thread in IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor named QueuedProcessesClearJob whose purpose is ensuring processes other than from Connect:Direct that have completed do not remain in the Web console’s queued processes view after they have completed, which occasional occurs when additional events related to a process are received after its end event.

An engine property named QUEUED_PROCS_CLEAR_JOB_INTERVAL, whose default is 5 (unit is minute), controls how frequently this thread looks for processes that have completed but are still shown as queued.

Tip: A simple way to lower contention on the ICC CC_PROCESS database table is to decrease the frequency at which the QueuedProcessesClearJob runs, which can be achieved by increasing the value for the engine property QUEUED_PROCS_CLEAR_JOB_INTERVAL to a value greater than five.