Testing expressions

IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor allows you to test standard wildcard and regular expressions.

The Expression Tester window enables you to test standard wildcard and regular expressions.

To test an expression:

  1. In the Servers, Processes/Batch IDs, File Names, Submitters/Mailbox IDs, or Remote Servers page of the Create Wildcard SLC wizard, or the Create Workflow Milestone page of the Create Workflow Wizard, type an expression in the Expression text box and click Test. The Expression Tester window is displayed with the expression you typed.
  2. Type a Test Value to test the expression against. For example, to test the wildcard expression ServX*, you could type ServX45. This field is case sensitive.
  3. Select RegEx (Regular Expression) to test a regular expression.
  4. Click Match. Depending on whether the value matches the expression, True or False is displayed following the Match button. If necessary, verify your wildcard syntax and test again.
  5. Click OK or Cancel to return.