Modify the server down rule

Monitoring personnel found that servers were often back up before they handled the alerts. As a result, the rule was modified to add a second condition (with a linked rule). With this change, if the server comes back up within 5 minutes, no action is taken.

If the server does not come back up, the “Server down” action is taken. The bank changed the “Server down” rule to accomplish this objective. After the changes, the following values are set for the fields:

Field Value
Name Server down
Description This rule is triggered when a monitored server goes down.
Key Message Id
Operator Matches
Value CCTR034E (Server is down - for monitored servers)
Action No operation
Linked Rules
Enabled Yes
Key Message Id
Operator Matches
Value CCTR033E (Server is up - for monitored servers)
Resolution Action No operation
Non-Resolution Action Server down
Timeout 5 minutes